ASSET Innovations
and Technologies

of following partners: ROC, UTBM, UCD, VTT, MHÜ, UNIMORE (please click on image)

Tracking & Tracing including Identification
ASSET will implement applications for tracking passing vehicles in conjunction with other sensor systems. The applications will monitor driving behaviour in longer road sections based on a camera vision system together with RFID systems. It adopts the Structure from Motion (SFM) paradigm. The tracking & tracing module produces basic data for the virtual driver agent system.

Virtual Driver Agent System
The virtual driver agent is an assistant tool for instructing a driver to save fuel and costs of driving, to protect the environment and to support safe driving according to local traffic rules or weather related conditions. The main purpose will be to warn drivers in advance of upcoming problems and to prepare active ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) interaction. Distance keeping, tailgating and dangerous overtaking manoeuvres are some examples that are not yet subject to automatic enforcement.

Fully Automated overload control (High Speed Weigh in Motion)
A new generation WIM system (embedded electronics and data bus in the road pavement) will be able to measure accurately the weight of individual wheels, axles and vehicles with a flat sensor-array installed in the road pavement

  • Highly accurate WIM for fully automated detection and enforcement (traffic speed) of vehicle/axle overloaded
  • Synchronisation with Video License plate recognition
  • Embedded RFID reader in the WIM sensor
  • Sensor arrays for different dynamic WIM accuracies
  • Enhanced dynamic weight measurement for pavement deterioration models and life cycle optimisation
  • New traffic load flow data parameter and algorithms
  • Synchronization with wheel inspection (thermal imaging)

Thermal Imaging (Vehicle Status Control)
Ultra sensitive far-infrared cameras have a great potential in detecting the condition of HGV brakes and tires for safety monitoring. Thermal imaging technology is adapted to automatically detect defective wheels, tires and brakes.