ASSET Objectives
and Approach

The concept of the ASSET project is based on:

  • Integration of the main transport elements for increased safety (Driver, Vehicle, Infrastructure and Control)
  • Creation of a practical holistic approach generating an overall safety theory to manage the complex interactions
  • Chains of interdependencies and processes will be analysed to identify critical parameters influencing road safety
  • Developing and operating different test sites covering the technologies and applications of ASSET supported by road users and administrations
  • Building a competent team of experienced and multidisciplinary experts (Kybernetikwerkstatt)

Main Elements:

Driver Behaviour:
The understanding and attitude of drivers towards traffic regulations and dangerous road conditions has a major impact on safety. The result will be safer driving.

Safe and Sustainable Infrastructure:
Deficient road maintenance and repair is a significant factor to accidents and costs. Much road damage can be attributed to overloaded trucks. New processes will be developed to effect pavement maintenance and repair. The result will be less traffic disruption and less accidents.

Traffic Control and Cybernetics:
New procedures will be developed to achieve better dynamics and more efficient traffic flow. The holistic approach will integrate various types of data. Methods for enforcement of overloaded and unsafe vehicles will be improved. The number of unsafe vehicles and accidents on road will be reduced with faster and more effective response to emergency.

International Test sites are planned:
Integrated safety station (DE), Test modules (AT), Mobile safety applications (FI), Remote safety monitoring (F).

International Cooperation & Dissemination:
An ASSET forum "Saver Roads" will be arranged efficient dissemination will be established for ASSET results including a forum and two transcontinental co-operations with Africa (Tanzania) and Asia (India).