ASSET Holistic Concept and Integrated Safety Theory

The enlargement of the EU together with progressing globalisation and competition is driving the need for better use of resources in the expanding transportation industry. In road traffic there is considerable potential for increasing transport sustainability in terms of safety, fluency, efficiency, infrastructure protection and energy saving.

The ASSET concept comprises the following main aspects:

  • To develop a new "System Theory of Traffic Safety"
  • To deduce from the theory, practical measures needed for an integrated safety system
  • To develop and integrate technologies & architectures including a "Holistic System Design"
  • To integrate different important and useful applications and built test sites
  • To investigate functions, performances and operations and optimise the systems for future use

The consideration of multiple interactions between aspects of traffic safety will allow focused improvements.

Learning from Nature

"Natural Mobility is accident free and highly efficient"

The main ideas in ASSET are centered on the development and implementation of a holistic approach to improve safety and to achieve more efficiency in road transport:

  • Driver and operator
  • Vehicle and traffic
  • Infrastructure and environment
  • Regulation and control

This approach unites the most important safety-related categories into a complete system, generating a number of dialectic interdependencies between the main safety elements, networking and interdependent processes.

Key factors:

  • Improving driver knowledge and human behaviour aspects
  • Increased use of modern technologies and automation for support and supervision
  • Introduction of innovative measures for safe and sustainable infrastructure
  • Application of modern traffic control and networking
  • Achieving overall-effectiveness in the analysis and management of system complexity