ASSET Presentazione

novembre 2011: ASSET - Road Conference & Workshop at New Delhi, India, 14. - 15. novembre 2011

ASSET Conference Program

ottobre 2011: Final Workshop ASSET - Road Test Site at Rosenheim, Germania, 12. ottobre 2011

ASSET Wokshop Invitation

The Mobile Test Site Unit in Finland

ASSET Leaflet Test Site Finland

giugno 2011: ASSET Workshop Budapest

ASSET Introduction Organisation Partners

ASSET Road Safety Theory and Application Budapest

ASSET Technical Presentation Budapest

ASSET Infrastructure Lifetime Modelling

dicembre 2010: Presentazioni Francia - Test Site opening

ASSET Testsite Program

ASSET Road Project In A Nutshell

ottobre 2010: Presentazioni Finland - Test Site opening

ASSET Testsite Opening Impressions

ASSET Testsite Rollup Poster

settembre 2010: Presentazioni Rosenheim - Test Site opening

ASSET Overview

ASSET Initial startup

maggio 2009: ASSET Final Conference Program

ASSET Final Conference Program with presentation links

20. aprile 2009: Presentazioni ASSET - Road Conference & Workshop at Arusha (Tanzania)

PTV ASSET Project Participants

EC Road Safety Initiatives

ROC Presentation 2009

Current EC Projects Intro

Current EC Projects TOP TRIAL Flyer

PTV ASSET Project Overviews

ROC ASSET Technical Concept

ROC ASSET Holistic Safety Approches

Photo consorzio

marzo 2009: ASSET - Road Conference & Workshop at Arusha, Conference Program, Tanzania, 19. 20. marzo 2009

novembre 2008: 14. - 16. novembre 2008, ECS Participation (Paris)

aprile 2008: Conferenza "Integrated Safety in the Transport System", Slovenia, 21. 24. aprile 2008