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Dezember 2011: Pavement deterioration model (free simulation software)

In the ASSET-Road project the structure and the initial working version of software for predicting long-term pavement performance has been developed that will allow users and researchers to modify the simulation depending on their needs and their expertise. The software will be modular and open source in order to allow the community of users to build a library of modules to test and compare different approaches and ultimately to be able to always use the most up to date state of the art model within the framework of one single software.

The software is currently being referred to as “VPI – Vehicle-Pavement Interaction” and its initial prototype (alpha version) is being tested at the universities of Nottingham and Cambridge and has been employed on a few studies. A first release of the software is expected to be made available for beta testers (a selected group of field experts and researchers) by the end of 2011. This will be followed by a period of scrutiny during which the suggestions and recommendations from the testers will be developed and implemented. After this final stage the full version of the VPI software will be released to the public (expected date August 2012).

The software will be made freely downloadable from the following web pages:

Redirection links to these websites will also be provided on the ASSET-Road project website, the University of Nottingham NTEC pages and the University of Cambridge Transportation Research Group.

ASSET Deliverables

ASSET Deliverable 6.4, Evaluation Results Recommendations And Exploitation

ASSET Deliverable 7.2, International Cooperation And Workshops

Dezember 2010: ASSET Deliverables

ASSET Deliverable 1.2, Safety Theory And Integrated Architecture

ASSET Deliverable 3.2, Smart Information Provision And Regulation Support Concepts

ASSET Deliverable 4.2, Integrated Optimisation And Low Cost Strategies

Oktober 2010: ASSET Deliverables

ASSET Deliverable 3.1, Regulation Knowledge Presentation

ASSET Deliverable 6.1, Testsite Requirements and Specifications

ASSET Deliverable 6.2, Testsite Design, Set up, Tests and Operation

ASSET Deliverable 7.1, Website and Dissemination Plan

ASSET Eröffnung der finnischen Test Site bei VTT link to flyer

Mai 2010: ASSET Eröffnung der deutschen Test Site link to flyer